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Angular Training

Learn one way to build applications with Angular and reuse your code and abilities to build apps for any deployment target. For web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.

Achieve the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today, and take it further, via Web Workers and server-side rendering. Angular puts you in control over scalability. Meet huge data requirements by building data models on RxJS, Immutable.js or another push-model.

Angular 6 is a superset of JavaScript for developing web applications. It has various in built features including http service, animations etc., which has the capabilities like auto completion, navigation, toolbar, menus and so on. The code is written in Typescript and will be compiled to JavaScript. Angular 6 is considered to be the best choice to create a single page web application. Updated features of Angular 6 benefits mobile and web application development. It makes the process of application development much faster, simpler and easier.

Why you should use Angular 6?

Angular 6 is gaining its popularity nowadays and it will be beneficial if you learn this framework. Main advantage of using this script is reduced coding effort. Code written in Angular will be short but efficient. It eliminates unnecessary coding and hence ensures easy development.

Angular 6 have a modular structure which empowers easy organization of application functionality and it is beneficial to divide the work among different members while working as a team. Hence developers can improve their productivity.

The components of Angular 6 are highly reusable and its consistency allows a reader to understand the code easily. It also allows easy code maintenance and updation.

One of the major benefits of learning Angular 6 is that, most of the companies including Google support it. Hence it will open new career options to the candidates.

Who can enroll?

This course is designed for those who have a persistent interest in web development and those who want to find a career in web creation. To become an expert web developer, one must be familiar with different development modules. To learn Angular, you must know the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. So our training begins with the basic concepts of HTML. Once you are clear with the basics, you can start exploring the advanced topics. Our training will provide enough understanding on all topics of Angular 6 with hands on experience.

Career options:

  • Angular TypeScript Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • UI Developer
  • MVC Developer with Angular JS
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Node JS developer



  1. Introduction to Web Technology
    1. Web technology and Web sites
  2. Client Side and Server-side Technology
    1. Client-Side Scripting Languages
      1. Types of Client-Side Language
    2. Server-side Scripting Languages
      1. Types of Server-side Language
  3. How to connect PHP with MySQL database
    1. Functions used to connect PHP with MySQL.
    2. How to execute queries in PHP
  4. PHP AJAX Communication
      1. XMLHTTP Request
      2. Server Communication
      3. Updating on web Page
  5. Database Connectivity in ASP.Net
    1. How to connect ASP with SQL server
  6. Working of Ajax Control in ASP.Net
  7. Introduction to Angular
    1. Why Angular?
  8. Angular History
    1. What is Angular JS?
    2. What is Angular?
    3. Angular vs Angular JS
    4. Various versions of angular
  9. Requirements and Installation
    1. Node
    2. Npm
    3. Angular CLI
    4. Text Editor – VS Code
  10. Prerequisite of learning Angular
    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. Introduction to bootstrap CSS
  11. Introduction to Typescript
  12. Simple Angular Application
    1. What is Components
    2. Angular Architecture
    3. Building and Running Angular Application
  13. Angular project flow
    1. Flow from boot strapping app to running into browser
    2. Making small and easy changes to first app
    3. How to debug angular application
  14. Angular architecture
    1. Architecture overview
    2. Intro to Modules
    3. Intro to Component
    4. Template, Class, MetaData
  15. Angular 8 file structure
    1. Files used in Angular 8 app folder
  16. introduction to components
    1. What is Component-Based Architecture?




  1. Interpolation
    1. Template expression
    2. Expression context
  2. Property binding
    1. Difference between element attribute and property
    2. Element property binding
    3. attribute, class, style binding
  3. Event binding
  4. Two-way binding
    1. Using various html elements in angular e.g. textbox, button, dropdown, checkbox, radio   button etc
    2. Child components – Event emitter and custom property
  5. Angular 8 directives
    1. ngIf directive
    2. ngFor directive
    3. ngSwitch directive
    4. ngClass directive
    5. ngStyle directive
  6. Angular 8 pipes
    1. What is pipe?
    2. Built-in angular pipes
    3. Creating custom pipes
  7. Databinding
    1. Data binding
    2. Event binding
    3. Property binding
    4. Two-way data binding in Angular 8
  8. Angular 8 forms
    1. Data flow of forms in Angular 8
    2. Creating forms in Angular 8
    3. Testing and validation of forms in Angular 8
  9. Routing & Navigation
    1. Router imports
    2. Router configuration
    3. Router outlet
    4. Router links
    5. Routing Resolvers
    6. Routing Guards
    7. Nested Routes
    8. Active router links
    9. Router state
    10. Router events
    11. Work with routing
  10. HTTP client
    1. Set up HTTP client
    2. HTTP and Observables
    3. Fetch data using HTTP
  11. Animations
    1. Angular Animations
    2. Work with Animation



Why Trinity Technologies?

Trinity Technologies offers Angular certification course aiming to build a foundation of Front End Design skills to the trainees. Trinity Technologies is the best Angular training center in trivandrum. Our mission is to build professionals with an industrial level knowledge. We always start our training from very basic level so that; even a beginner can follow the course contents easily. We ensure the quality of learning and provide experienced faculty, best lab infrastructures and other required facilities


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